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Thermally modified wood producer Arbor Wood Co., Duluth, Mn., is partnering with wood salvage specialist Cambium Carbon, Washington, D.C., to introduce a new wood product for outdoor and indoor construction that’s all-natural, chemical-free, and will last for decades.

Carbon Smart Wood utilizes wood from urban settings that would otherwise be left to the landfill to create cladding, decking, furniture and more.

Integrating thermal modification takes Carbon Smart Wood products to a new performance level that is the best of true sustainability and application endurance—not to mention visually appealing.

Ben Christensen, CEO of Cambium Carbon, said, “Partnering with Arbor Wood Co is a critical step forward in our product offering to environmentally-conscious consumers who demand a domestic solution to building needs, along with traceability and sustainability of the wood-sourcing. Cambium Carbon and Arbor Wood Co. will provide this solution at scale.”