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About Us

Discover why has been the LBM industry leader since 1922. Get unparalleled insights from our expert-driven publications.

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Your Premier Resource in the LBM Sector Since 1922

Welcome to, the authoritative voice in the Lumber and Building Materials (LBM) industry. Part of the prestigious 526 Media Group, Inc., we have been a beacon of excellence for over a century. Our platform is renowned for its comprehensive coverage of industry trends, strategies, and insights, providing a rich mix of articles, videos, and other indispensable content from leading figures in the LBM realm.

Our Legacy and Dedication

Since our inception in 1922, has been a key player in shaping the Lumber & Building Materials supply chain. We take pride in our historic journey, marked by our flagship monthly publications - Merchant Magazine and Building Products Digest. These aren't just publications; they're a reflection of our unwavering commitment to the LBM industry. Our 95-year legacy in publishing stands as a testament to our dedication and success.

Our Core Principles

  • Delivering Impactful Results: We are steadfast in providing tangible benefits for our readers and advertisers.
  • Insightful Content: Our editorial content is rich, informative, and designed to empower our audience with the knowledge needed for success.
  • Integrity First: We maintain the highest standards of editorial integrity, eschewing advertorials and unverified news, and partnering exclusively with reputable companies.
  • Engagement with the Industry: Our team is actively involved in over 65 industry events each year, ensuring we bring you the most vital news firsthand.
  • Cultivating Relationships: We understand the importance of strong relationships, recognizing that our success is deeply connected to yours.
  • Credibility and Trust: Our brand is a mirror to your brand's credibility and standing in the industry.
  • Resisting Chaos Marketing: In a world rife with chaos marketing and misinformation, our unique strength lies in our dedicated team, loyal clientele, and unwavering industry commitment.

A Comprehensive Media Approach is more than a website; it's a holistic media solution. Our presence spans print, digital, web, and social media, engaging top experts to deliver market-critical information. Our involvement in the industry goes beyond professional; we view our industry peers as part of our extended family.

A Leading Force in LBM Media

As a division of 526 Media Group, Inc., our collective experience exceeds 150 years, bringing together premier expertise in publishing and media. This synergy has resulted in leading publications and marketing solutions that set the industry standard.

Extensive Reach and Engaged Audience

Our print and digital publications cater specifically to key decision-makers within the industry. We emphasize quality engagement, reaching a targeted, qualified, and actively engaged readership. Our high circulation numbers and significant paid subscriber base underscore our influence and reach across the entire supply chain, from small retailers to large chains and manufacturers.

Your Partner for Success

At, we are committed to earning your trust and building a lasting relationship. We support you in challenging times and celebrate your achievements, understanding that your success contributes to the collective progress of the LBM community.

Be Part of Our Continuing Legacy
As we uphold our leadership role in the LBM industry, we invite you to join us. Your success is our goal, and together, we can forge a legacy of excellence and trust for generations to come.

Reference to Our Esteemed Publications:

  • The Merchant Magazine: The leading voice in the western U.S. LBM supply chain since 1922, sharing vital trends and updates.
  • Building Products Digest: Since 1982, this has been the premier monthly magazine for the LBM supply chain east of the Rockies, delivering key industry insights.

Subscription Offerings:
Enjoy The Merchant Magazine or Building Products Digest in both print and digital formats, along with our weekly newsletter and annual calendar.