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How to Leverage Online Tools to Sell More Treated Wood

Here are a few tips to help dealers sell more pressure treated wood by using online tools.

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Here are a few tips to help dealers sell more pressure treated wood by using online tools.

1. Dealer websites can be a great tool for any DIYer looking to improve their home or to assist contractors in figuring material needs for outdoor building projects. Websites can offer more services and become the go-to expert in their area. Instead of only being brochureware on the World Wide Web, let the website work to build business for you by educating, engaging and converting prospects to customers. Help people meet their needs wherever they are in the buying process.

2. For DIYers, help them with inspirational photos of outdoor projects (from your contractors), a deck design tool makes it easy to create a material cut list, installation tips, safe handling, and a chart of common grades of treated lumber with their common uses. There is a lot of information on the web you can link to or ask to use on your site. Post photos of your contractors’ craftsmanship, “Contractor Gallery,” and list their contact information.

3. For dealer salespeople and contractors, a deck design tool on a dealer’s website can help quote decking projects. I have also seen three different size deck designs posted with the material cost of that project so homeowners know a ballpark on what size deck could cost, from simple to multi-level. Anticipate and answers questions you know customers will ask.

4. Dealers can add their contractor customers to their website zip code locator, “Where to find a contractor” in their area. This services homeowners and provides leads to your customers. Or you could simply have a contractor gallery with their photos and contact information. This can build loyalty among your pro customer base. And there is always a contractor loyalty program that can be developed with the contractor gallery as one of the perks.

5. Dealers can add a shopping cart to their website, for anything from deck screws to lumber, even if it’s just “Buy online, pick up in store.”

Your website can service customers 24/7 and build your business. Most website plugins are nominal in cost or free to add forms and other interactive features. The business can come to you. After all, most of us do appreciate the convenience of shopping online.