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Fight for Optimism & Positivity

The pandemic has changed the rules of engagement for businesses and for salespeople.

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The pandemic has changed the rules of engagement for businesses and for salespeople.

In this challenging environment, we have to fight for optimism and positivity. They won’t magically appear. We must actively make it so. We have to fight for positivity.

We have to fight for our families right now. Our kids deserve this from us. Our parents deserve this from us.

My parents brought me here from the former Soviet Union when I was 2 years old. We had $20 in our pockets and two suitcases with all of our belongings in the world. We survived that, we’ll survive this.

I’ve been out of money multiple times in my life. Like, all the way out of money. Now I run a $3-million sales growth consulting practice.

We survived difficult things before, and we’ll get through this.

How do you fight for positivity and optimism?

First, try to avoid the things that take that away from you. For me it’s the news, which is all bad news, all the time. For me it’s avoiding all the politicians and their news conferences, and their negativity.

Take joy in your family. Find joy in this time. Take in things that bring you happiness, and actively exclude those sources that bring you down.

Use this tension to do things you didn’t have time for before. Use the tension of this difficult time to create. The best music and art is created when the artists are struggling, under pressure. Nobody creates their best work after they’ve succeeded, when they’re in their mansion. We create our best work when we’re uncomfortable.

It’s uncomfortable now. Create. This will bring you positivity and optimism.

How do you fight for positivity and optimism?

Ironically it’s the exact same activity that will grow your sales, even now. You fight for optimism and positivity by calling your customers. That’s right. Call your customers. You’ll have great conversations with them. People are craving connection right now. People want to hear from people they respect and enjoy. And YOU are that person.

Call your people. You’ll feel more positive and optimistic. And—here is the beautiful thing—these calls will grow your sales. They will remember you.

Nobody else is calling. The competition is silent. Let them be. We’ll be present. We’ll call. And we’ll feel better. And our customers will feel better. And they’ll remember who made them feel better. And they will thank you with their business.

And how will you feel when you grow business now?




The phone call is the answer.

Do not keep your value away from people, especially now. Now is not the time to be selfish with your great value. Share it. Give it freely. Help people. And they will remember you forever.

Fight for your customers.

Fight for your family.

Fight for positivity.

Now is the time. Fight!