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Visualizer Tools Help Close Siding Sales

Customers no longer have to be encouraged to “just imagine how great” new siding and trim will look. Color visualizers let them see for themselves.

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Customers no longer have to be encouraged to “just imagine how great” new siding and trim will look. Color visualizers let them see for themselves.

Interactive exterior house color visualizers let individuals experiment with different siding and trim options with the click of a button. The tools generate a near lifelike image of the unique selections—often placed right on a picture of the actual home—creating a virtual depiction of the finished project before a single product is purchased or installed.

Visualizers provide much more than basic color comparisons—trim sizes, shingle shapes, surface textures, and more, can all be individually colored.

Often, what we imagine is slightly different than the final result. By taking out the guesswork, the exterior visualizer can save homeowners an incredible amount of time, money and worry. They will know precisely what the home will look like before it is complete.

This also gives homeowners the freedom to experiment with their ideas without a lot of risks. They may find that their fourth or even fifth idea turns out as the clear winner during the design process—without the expense of physically installing the first, second, and third attempts.

For dealers, visualizers remove one of the biggest impediments to closing a big sale: customer uncertainty.

Tando recently rolled out My Tando Home Creator. The free online tool has been invaluable to Castle Masstown Hardware in Nova Scotia. “With My Tando Home Creator, we can help contractors narrow down product selection and close the sale with homeowners with minimal physical contact,” explained store manager Nick Redden. “And, we can assist customers with seeing what they’ve dreamed up as far as colors, textures, and mixed materials. It lets customers get a picture of what they can’t see in their mind’s eye—such as how the Tando products will look when installed.”

The most obvious benefit of using a visualizer is seeing how different colors will interact with surrounding elements. Choosing an exterior house color is much more complicated than picking out a pretty hue. Siding colors should coordinate with other parts of the home’s exterior, like the soffit, roofing, door, and shutters. Still, it should also fit with the rest of the home’s surrounding setting, like the driveway color, architectural design, and landscaping.

Finally, in the age of COVID, online tools are a safe substitute for in-person consultations—a primary driver behind Renoworks Software being asked to help create James Hardie’s new Remote Measurement & Visualization Tool.

According to Renoworks’ Doug Vickerson, “Whether the challenge is social-distancing or increasing demand for convenient, fully-digital experiences to book remodeling projects, the visualization tool will serve contractors well, now and into the future.”