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Versatex doubles its production capacity by adding a second PVC siding plant in Aliquippa, PA.

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Versatex has opened a new 96,500-sq. ft., state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Aliquippa, Pa., doubling its production capacity and creating 80 new jobs in Beaver County. The addition was motivated by the steady growth for its premium cellular core PVC building products which now includes the long-awaited XCEED Lap Siding

The new facility will help assure consistent quality and nonstop availability, says sales & marketing VP Rick Kapres. “We were determined to get into siding, and we were determined to do it right. That took a large-scale commitment. The result is Aliquippa Two, named after the historic industrial town we call home.” Like the 2008-vintage Aliquippa One plant a few hundred yards away, the new building stands on reclaimed industrial land once occupied by one of the massive steelmaking operations that formerly lined Pittsburgh-area rivers.”

Operations VP Josh Pace stated, “The Versatex team is poised for its third decade of innovation with this new plant. After years of R&D, the new plant and XCEED Lap Siding will lead us into a future of leadership for builders, consumers and distributors. Consequently, our builders, architects, fabricators and homeowners across the U.S. will get their hands on later this year. It’s yet another residential exterior breakthrough, crafted from premium cellular PVC by Versatex, the industry leader in innovation, quality and technical assistance.”

Versatex has focused successfully on ultra-durable, lightweight, easy-to-install exterior trim systems for homebuilding and renovation since 2004, Pace said. “Now, in response to years of demand from professionals and consumers, XCEED’s 10 UV-resistant colors bring siding customers the same exceptionally high curb appeal and low maintenance that distinguish the original Versatex trim product lines.”

“The take-away is that premium cellular PVC is no longer just for trim,” he added. “We deliver a complete exterior portfolio. It will let you envelop an entire home in the proven protection and lasting beauty of Versatex—and give you the unmatched customer service and peace-of-mind warranties you’ve learned to expect.”

In addition to high-efficiency siding production, Kapres said, “The new plant will expand our capacity for established Versatex specialty products like the woodgrain WP4 Canvas Series; Stealth trimboards; and VERSAWRAP column wraps.”

He estimated that staffing the new facility will broaden the Versatex head count by about 50%. “The local workforce has been good for us,” he added. “These are dedicated people, hardworking people, people who come to us with that classic steelworker ethic. We’re excited to be able to bring manufacturing jobs back to the area.”

Pace concluded, “The Versatex team is poised for its third decade of innovation. After years of R&D, XCEED Lap Siding will lead us into a future of leadership in both conventional trim-and-sheet products, and in the whole-home solutions that builders, consumers and distributors continue to call for.”

Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, Versatex was founded by industry professionals dedicated to bringing exceptional building products to the marketplace. Our unmatched quality and consistency generate PVC component options that meet and surpass the needs of builders, architects, fabricators and homeowners. At the same time, our market-back approach focuses new-product development on customer requirements and innovations that make a real difference in efficiency and design.