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Rosboro is moving forward with a big expansion at its Oregon X-Beam plant

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Rosboro Co., Springfield, Or., has selected USNR, HOMAG Group, and Chambers Construction as the primary suppliers for of the company’s upcoming expansion project. 

The project will expand and modernize the company’s vertically integrated production process, which converts logs into structural glued laminated timber (glulam) for residential and commercial construction.

The investment includes a state-of-the-art lamstock planer mill, expanded dry kiln capacity, and a technologically advanced laminating plant. In combination, the project will increase Rosboro’s integrated glulam production capacity by 50% while allowing the company to efficiently produce glulam from smaller logs that would typically be converted into stud lumber or chips.

Rosboro’s senior vice president of strategic development, Brian Wells, stated, “Our distributors rely on us to supply a steady stream of high-quality, cost-effective framing solutions. We are making this investment to ensure that our distributor partners can continue to grow their successful X-Beam programs for many years to come.”

USNR is performing the dry kiln expansion and will provide the primary components for the new planer mill. The planer facility is built around a USNR Model 4200 Planer and a USNR Transverse High Grader (THG) with Deep Neural Networks. The THG system is optimized for finishing and removing defects from laminating feedstock.

The glulam factory project will be delivered by Stiles Machinery, Kallesoe Machinery, and SystemTM—all members of the HOMAG Group. The factory layout will include a high-efficiency lumber infeed and finger jointing line that is seamlessly integrated with two high-capacity Radio-Frequency Press Lines.

Chambers Construction of Eugene, Oregon was chosen to oversee the design and construction of approximately 225,000 square feet of new buildings and the associated infrastructure development.

Their extensive experience and ties to the local community were top of mind when Rosboro tapped them for the job.

According to Wells, “When considering this investment, it was critical to our team that we find the right partners to help us make our vision a reality. Each supplier is an industry leader in their respective areas of expertise, and we are really looking forward to seeing this team perform.”

Construction will be completed in several phases, and the company expects the projects to be fully operational in 2026.