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134-year-old C&D Lumber of Riddle, Or., is winding down operations

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C&D Lumber Co., Riddle, Or., is closing after more than 130 years.

 Founded in 1890 by Alfred Johnson in Southern Oregon’s Coos County, C&D is renowned for producing the highest quality Douglas fir, incense cedar, and Port Orford cedar wood products.

The sixth-generation, family-owned and operated business, has weathered many storms through the decades. However, the unprecedented challenges facing the industry today—from market fluctuations, increasing operational costs, to timber supply issues—have made it impossible for C&D “to envision a sustainable future for the company.”

According to a statement, “The decision to close was not made lightly. We extend our deepest gratitude to all our employees, past and present, for their hard work, dedication, and passion. Their contributions have been the backbone of C&D Lumber, distinguishing us in a competitive industry. We also thank our customers, suppliers, and community for their unwavering support and partnership over the years.”

The Johnson Family plans to continue management and growth of C&D Lumber’s sister company, Silver Butte Timber.

The immediate plan involves a strategic wind-down of operations, ensuring that all remaining inventory is processed and sold, and affairs are settled responsibly and respectfully. C&D iscommitted to providing support to our employees during this transition, including severance packages and assistance in finding new employment.