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Kodiak Building Partners is buying Idaho's 20-year-old Valley Lumber & Rental

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Kodiak Building Partners, Englewood, Co., has acquired Valley Lumber & Rental, a prominent provider of hardware and building supplies in Victor, Id., and surrounding areas. 

This partnership highlights Valley Lumber & Rental’s success story as a trusted supplier in the Teton Valley community for over two decades. Known for its commitment to service, value, and quality, Valley Lumber & Rental is poised for growth and will continue serving the community with Kodiak’s support.

“Our partnership with Kodiak opens exciting opportunities for growth and innovation,” said Valley Lumber & Rental president Whitney Gardiner. “We’re eager to leverage Kodiak’s expansive network of resources to enhance our services and meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

Established in 2003, Valley Lumber & Rental has been a cornerstone business in Teton Valley, Id., for over 20 years, surviving economic challenges and remaining a well-known anchor in the community. Through donations to non-profits, participation in construction industry education programs, and its status as the largest business of its kind in the area, Valley Lumber & Rental has contributed significantly to the local community and construction landscape.

“Our acquisition of Valley Lumber & Rental underscores Kodiak’s commitment to growth and investment with great partners in thriving markets like Teton Valley,” said Kodiak CEO Steve Swinney. “By partnering with Valley Lumber & Rental, we’re positioned to tap into the force in the universe that makes things happen—all you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen, and be the bear.”

As Kodiak and Valley Lumber & Rental begin to work together, they will focus on empowering Valley Lumber & Rental to build on its success and continue delivering excellent service and products to its customers. With Kodiak’s partnership, Valley Lumber & Rental aims to expand its market reach with greater outside sales support, enhance retail sales and leverage shared industry knowledge to improve efficiency. Whit Gardiner will continue to lead the organization which will be a part of Kodiak’s growing Northwest region.

Founded in 2011, Kodiak Building Partners is a leading acquisition firm specializing in acquiring and supporting locally owned and operated building materials companies. With a strong focus on operational excellence, local leadership and continual improvement, Kodiak empowers these businesses to succeed in the communities they serve. Kodiak’s operation employs thousands of people across the country to serve general contractors, homebuilders, sub-contractors, remodelers, and consumers.

Founded in 2003, Valley Lumber & Rental has been a cornerstone of the Teton Valley community, serving customers with a commitment to service, value and quality. As a locally operated business, Valley Lumber & Rental combines superior buying power with personalized service, offering an extensive selection of hardware, tools and equipment to homeowners and professional contractors. With a dedication to excellence in every facet of their operations, Valley Lumber & Rental remains steadfast in their mission to exceed customer expectations.