Seneca Marks Milestone Planting

Family-owned Seneca, Eugene, Or., recently planted its 40 millionth tree. 

Roseburg Develops 7 EPD’s

Roseburg Forest Products, Springfield, Or., recently published its first verified Environmental Product Declarations, providing standardized and objective information about the lifecycle environmental impact of many of the company’s wood products.

Bamboo Decking Shoots to Thrive in the Great Outdoors

Bamboo is one of nature’s oldest building materials—and for good reason. It’s strong, dense, renewable and grows like a weed. In fact, it’s like a never-ending forest that regenerates itself every five years.

Stay on Top of Evolving FSC Markets

Wood markets are constantly evolving. The market for FSC-certified wood is a prime example.

How to Get FSC Certified

Why Get FSC Certified?

The Perks of SFI Certification

Consumers around the world are increasingly asking for environmentally responsible options when they make buying decisions.

Why Comply?

A Special Series from North American Wholesale Lumber Association

Making Wood’s Case for Sustainability

Kathryn Fernholz is passionate about forests.

World Stays on Green Path

Green building material sales are predicted to grow to $234.77 billion by 2019, according to a study by Transparency Market Research.