3 Tips for Improving Lumberyard Efficiency

Running an efficient and productive lumberyard is a tall task. Shipment frequency is increasing and lead time expectations are getting shorter.

SPAX Names New President

SPAX, a brand of the Altenloh, Brinck & Co., has announced the appointment of Jim Winn as its President for the SPAX brand in North America.

Decoding the preserved wood quality mark

One of our most frequently asked questions at SPIB is, “What do the stamps or tags on preserved lumber mean?” At first glance, the information included on these quality marks can seem confusing, but have no fear! You don’t have to be a superhero or code breaker to understand preserved wood quality marks.

How to Leverage Online Tools to Sell More Treated Wood

Your website can service customers 24/7 and build your business. Here are a few tips to help dealers sell more pressure treated wood by using online tools.

Guide Customers to the Right Preserved Wood

Not all preserved wood products are created equal. Help your customers and sales staff select the proper preserved wood product for their specific residential uses with a one-page infographic.

Seasons Change, But Redwood Timbers Stand the Test of Time

As distributors and retailers of quality building materials throughout the West, one of your primary goals is to keep your customers up to speed on current trends and products.

Selling Cedar in the Age of Climate Change

The push to more eco-friendly behavior is changing how we live. It’s affecting our choices in small, incidental actions like using re-fillable coffee cups and recycling plastic bags, to larger life milestones such as the kind of cars we drive or the materials our homes are made of.

Building Decks on EWP

Despite an increasing percentage of decks being built of pricey composites, plastics and exotic hardwoods, the vast majority of deck framing systems continue to be constructed of standard dimensional lumber.

Sell Wood Stain Quality Over Price

American homeowners annually spend anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to build new decks, fix older ones, and enhance the livability of outdoor areas. However, all the renovations have at least one thing in common despite the price tag—the desire to achieve long-lasting results.

The Year Ahead in Fiber Cement Roofing & Siding

Global demand for fiber cement siding will climb an average of 2.5% annually over the next four years, to reach 22.1 million squares by 2023, according to a new report by the Freedonia Group.