DEALER PROFILE: Michigan’s Vassar Building Center

When Mike MacKay mentions that personnel are treated “like family,” he’s not just blowing smoke. Some of them actually are family: his wife, Brenda, works in the back office and recently their son jumped into the family business. All of which reinforces Mike’s love of the community and Vassar Building Center’s place in it.

DEALER PROFILE: Hiawatha Lumber of Minneapolis

Why do the locals like shopping here? “Customer service is number one. So is quality. Believe me,” both swear, “they come in informed. They’ve already checked everything online.”

Dealer Profile: Niece Lumber of New Jersey

Our best customers come via word of mouth—brothers, sisters, neighbors. We’re building second, and third, homes for some of these people. We keep them happy.

DEALER PROFILE: Mawson Lumber of Colorado

“At the site, we’ll never just dump the whole order. We deliver it in a progression, depending on what they need that day—floors, windows. We have 11 vehicles (and don’t charge for delivery), and we can spot loads where no one else can”

DEALER PROFILE: Kruse Lumber of Minnesota

“Kruse Kru,” headed by owner Brian Hodge (fifth from left), has always been service-driven.

DEALER PROFILE: Capps Home Building Center of Virginia

To keep employees up to speed, Capps schedules Lunch & Learn sessions, sponsored by vendors. “For our staff, it’s like continuing education,” says Bruce.

Dealer Profile: Missouri’s Derstler Lumber

Derstler Lumber owners Terri and Darrell Derstler were looking for their niche—and found several of them.

DEALER PROFILE: Youngblood of Tennessee

New owners relied on the counsel of longtime employees to identify opportunities to rebrand and reinvigorate the Memphis lumberyard.

Dealer Profile: Anderson Lumber of Tennessee

Special events are big generators of new business.