Olsen on Sales: Nudge for the Business

Being too pushy is the number one fear of underachieving salespeople. Because they are so afraid of being pushy, they don’t push at all.

Olsen on Sales: Spirit of the Possible

Sales is a relationship business and we, as salespeople, are the yang of that relationship. The customer’s job is to come up with reasons to wait, to think about it and to analyze the all the possibilities. Our job is to have the spirit of the possible, now. We are here to help our customers figure out a way that what we are proposing will work.

How to Engage Your Employees

Recently, a lumber distributor, struggling to attract and keep qualified talent, asked how to get his employees more engaged and energized. His assessment was that they were not motivated, were not “giving it their all,” and his recent efforts to put in place a bonus incentive program had done little to change any of that. Sound familiar?

The Best Known EWP Company You May Not Know

Pacific Woodtech Corp. is a mega-producer of engineered wood products that many have not come across—or have you? It has been producing laminated veneer lumber and I-joists with others’ names on them for about 20 years—until recently.

The Customer Is Afraid, Too

Fear costs us salespeople a lot of money. Fear is the reason we don’t pick up the phone to call our customer proactively, when there is nothing urgent or terrible happening.

Clear the Air: What You Need to Know About the New Formaldehyde Emissions Regulation

Here are answers to common questions about the EPA’s regulation on wood-based products from Steve Zylkowski, director of Quality Services for APA – The Engineered Wood Association.

Pro Closer or Faux Closer?

Here are five examples

An Update on Fire Safety in CLT Buildings

Mass timber is becoming popular because it offers an economically favorable construction method for mid-rise buildings, provides for greater sustainability, and looks very different.

Eliminate Financial Guesswork when Choosing to Lease or Buy a Fleet Vehicle

The challenge most contracting companies face is ensuring these decisions are based on financial and operational facts rather than being clouded by unanswered theoretical questions.

Follow These Rules of the Road to Become a Shipper/Customer of “Choice”

There’s a long list of incentives that can be used for leverage when companies jockey for a favored relationship with carriers, but those that want a better shot at moving to the front of the line will want to focus on the following elements