Eliminate Financial Guesswork when Choosing to Lease or Buy a Fleet Vehicle

The challenge most contracting companies face is ensuring these decisions are based on financial and operational facts rather than being clouded by unanswered theoretical questions.

Follow These Rules of the Road to Become a Shipper/Customer of “Choice”

There’s a long list of incentives that can be used for leverage when companies jockey for a favored relationship with carriers, but those that want a better shot at moving to the front of the line will want to focus on the following elements

Barrette Enters Decking with DuraLife Acquisition

The DuraLife brand will remain unchanged and will continue to operate out of its existing facility in Biddeford, originally known as CorrectDeck.

Selling Gratefully

Study after study shows that grateful people outperform ungrateful, or cynical ones. They’re more successful. They’re happier. They persevere more. 

CertainTeed Buys Hunter Douglas’ North American Ceilings Business

CertainTeed Corp., Malvern, Pa., has agreed to purchase Hunter Douglas’ North American ceilings business.

Different Means to Positive Ends: Business Decisions with Positive Environmental Impacts

We’re constantly hearing false stories about the work we do and the products we produce. But interestingly, and perhaps optimistically, it typically takes just one good chat to help a dissenter understand that those of us in the forest products industry rely on the renewability of our product, the accessibility of clean fuel, and the protection of our forests. Two NAWLA member companies are making purposeful, tangible strides toward environmental stewardship—by making smart business decisions.

Embracing Mobile Devices in the Retail LBM Environment

Across industries, but none more so than in the LBM market, ubiquitous mobile devices like tablet PCs and smart phones are being leveraged to improve sales, modernize the procurement process, and manage and monitor key aspects of delivery tracking and management.

OLSEN ON SALES: Talk for Show, Listen for Dough

Listening is the secret weapon of sales. “If you listen to the customer, they will tell you how to sell them” is a sales adage I never believed until I started listening with rapt attention to customers.

Millwork Certification Program Launches

World Millwork Alliance is partnering with Keystone Certifications to introduce a new product certification program.

Olsen on Sales: Confidence Sells

Whether we have the lowest price or the highest price, customers will tell us we are too high. This is a truth Master Sellers know. When we are new, it feels like we are too high every time we quote. Often, we are selling people who have more experience in the business than we do.