Olsen on Sales: Emotional Control

Sales is a transfer of emotion. If we are nervous, our customer will be nervous. If we are aggressive, which means we don’t really care, we are just there for the order, our customers will be defensive.

Dealing with a Difficult Customer   

What guidelines can you provide your employees to help them cope with angry or difficult customers?

Specialty Yard Builds Its Business on Redwood

REDWOOD HAS BEEN a favorite material for generations of builders.

Olson on Sales: Stealing Is Legal

“I don’t have to be that smart. I just have to be smart enough to steal ideas from smart people.”

The Secrets to Big Fish Selling

A BIG FISH is anyone who is of a higher stature than you normally play with, and if you land them, it will move you into a whole new level of clientele.

Prep for a Successful Field Visit

There are important questions to consider when we discuss channels and actual customers. Whether you are a manufacturer selling to and through a channel, are a distributor (in the channel) selling to a retailer (an extension of the channel) or are the retailer selling to the end user, you should be able to find some useful tips in this article.

5 Simple Social Media Tips for Construction Industry Professionals

When someone starts searching for a new contractor or company to work with for a building project, what is the first thing they do before hiring them? They Google the business, read reviews, visit the company’s website, and skim its social media pages. In today’s digital world, and in our visual industry, it is only becoming more important to keep up with your business’s social media channels.

The Wonder of Lumber

When reflecting on lessons learned from the pandemic, there were a number of angles I could take for this article. How did our company react in the initial months of the pandemic? How has remote work affected our team culture? What are we doing to navigate the resulting rise in lumber prices and supply constraints?

Olsen on Sales: Differentiation

“What if I’m not funny?” some of you are asking. Two things. Buy a joke book; dumb humor is funny—believe me, I know. I’ve been using dumb humor for years. Just trying to be funny is funny and helps others relax, so go for it.

3 Keys to Content Marketing Success

IT’S A BIG worldwide web out there. With nearly 2 billion live websites on the internet and an estimated 5 billion internet users, about 4 billion of whom are on social media, it’s all too easy to get lost in the crowd.