Olsen on Sales: Differentiation

“What if I’m not funny?” some of you are asking. Two things. Buy a joke book; dumb humor is funny—believe me, I know. I’ve been using dumb humor for years. Just trying to be funny is funny and helps others relax, so go for it.

3 Keys to Content Marketing Success

IT’S A BIG worldwide web out there. With nearly 2 billion live websites on the internet and an estimated 5 billion internet users, about 4 billion of whom are on social media, it’s all too easy to get lost in the crowd.

LBM Dealers Move Quickly to E-Commerce

Prior to the pandemic, there were a limited number of LBM companies with e-commerce sites, as most felt a basic web presence was sufficient.

Dealers Clamor for Portable Stacking Racks

Portable stacking racks for millwork and other building materials are not new, but over the last two years—and particularly the last two months—demand for the storage devices among dealers has gone through the roof.

The Rise of Web-Based Apps

Along with mobile applications and APIs, web-built computer software has risen in popularity in recent years, with web apps replacing desktop apps to become a powerful business tool. 

Leaving the Pandemic Better Than Before

When the COVID-19 pandemic blew up, we at Snavely Forest Products knew that sitting passively by in hopes the crisis would work itself out wasn’t a realistic solution. Hope is not a plan!

Olsen on Sales: Conquering Sales Fears

Sales is not an intellectual endeavor. All of my students have more than enough intelligence to do their job. The reason some do better, faster than others is because they conquer their fears faster. What are the “fears” that hold salespeople back?

Getting Down to (Essential) Business During the Pandemic

Remote work was the saving grace for many businesses when COVID-19 hit, but it wasn’t an option for everyone in the forest products industry. At Robbins Lumber, for example, keeping our Searsmont, Me., sawmill up and running meant the vast majority of our team needed to be onsite—myself included. 

IFG Updating Log Turn Tech

This fall, Idaho Forest Group, Athol, Id., will update its log turn technology to USNR’s Precision Geometric Log Rotation (PGLR) system. The existing system is USNR’s predecessor to the PGLR. While it has improved recovery it’s now time to move to an advanced scanning and optimization platform.

Now Is the Time to Build Your Best Team

WHEN I ASSUMED the role of NAWLA chair, my goal was simple: reminding each of our members how NAWLA brings value to their companies and employees. But I also aimed to ensure NAWLA spreads the word about how each and every one of us—whether NAWLA members or not—should be proud to work in this industry and to never forget how we stood tall in a year when many other industries struggled.