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Wehrung’s Grows in Pennsylvania

Ottsville, Pa.-based Wehrung’s Family of Businesses held a grand opening Oct. 22 to show off its newest location, in Macungie, Pa.

BlueLinx Expands into Pacific Northwest with Purchase of Vandermeer

BlueLinx Expands into Pacific Northwest with Purchase of Vandermeer

Markets Changing for Windows & Doors

About 75% of replacement exterior doors and patio doors were purchased from home improvement warehouse stores, while less than half of replacement windows were purchased there, according to a recent presentation by Ed Hudson, Home Innovation Research Labs.

PBS Consolidates All Building System Brands Under One Name

Premier Building Systems, Puyallup, Wa., is folding its Premier SIPS, R-Shield Insulation, R-Shield Geofoam, and Premier ICF (formerly Diamond Snap-Form) product brands—all under common ownership since 2018—into PBS. Its Big Sky R-Control SIPs brand is now being marketed under the Premier SIPS brand. 

Canfor Replacing Mill in Mobile

Canfor Southern Pine will invest approximately $210 million to build a new, state-of-the-art sawmill in southern Alabama. 

Ware-Butler Picks Up Where Maine Dealer Leaves Off

Knowles Lumber, North Monmouth, Me., is liquidating after a decade in business and has sold its customer list to Ware-Butler Building Supply.

Hancock to Purchase Eastern White Pine Mill

Two of New England’s top eastern white pine manufacturers will be stronger together with Hancock Lumber’s acquisition of Madison Lumber Mill, Madison, N.H.

Capital Adds 2nd SoCal DC

Capital has added a distribution location in Oxnard, Ca., to complement its Chino, Ca., location. The new location offers 4.5 paved acres and 38,000 sq. …

Compact Table Saw

SawStop’s new 10” Compact Table Saw is a robust benchtop saw built for the rigors of the jobsite, while offering premium precision and safety.

Sell OSB by Application or as an Integrated System

ORIENTED STRAND board is versatile and can be utilized for all manner of functions in the inner workings of a building. But all OSB is not created equal. Some products available in the marketplace are engineered for their value-added qualities and dual functionality, which can make them more efficient and better suited for their jobs.

Olsen on Sales: Connecting with Customers

IN MOST CASES, all else being equal, and even when they aren’t equal, customers will buy from the salesperson they get along with best.

Fully Compatible Speaker

RIDGID’s new 18V Speaker with Bluetooth Technology works with all RIDGID 18-volt batteries, tools and chargers, offering total connectivity.