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The Essential Role of the Distributor in the Buying Chain

Efficient and effective distribution channels are the backbone of any industry, and western red cedar is no exception. As the softwood lumber market has undergone …

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Dealer Profile: Ohio Coshocton Lumber

“It’s sad, the way things are going in Ohio,” says Joel Jumper, owner of Coshocton Lumber, named for the town of 12,000 that’s nowhere near …

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Olsen on Sales: Emotional Control

Sales is a transfer of emotion. If we are nervous, our customer will be nervous. If we are aggressive, which means we don’t really care, …

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Dealing with a Difficult Customer   

A difficult customer—someone who is angry or upset—can be one of the most challenging and rewarding encounters for most companies. If your people handle the …

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How to Survive the Labor Shortages of 2021

I’m writing this the morning of August 6, and the monthly jobs report from the USDOL has just been issued.  Last month’s report was somewhat …

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