Business Operations

Business Operations

Compensation Planning for the Year Ahead

Understanding compensation is critical to staying competitive in today’s volatile labor market. As we prepare for 2023, real wage growth is a concept that is particularly important.

Olsen on Sales: Sales Tones

WHAT WE SAY is important. There is a right time to ask questions, follow up questions and a right time to close. But more important than what we say is how we say it. We may say the coolest thing in the world, but if we sound nervous, too aggressive, or uncertain even if what we are saying is true, it will be difficult for our potential customers to believe and buy from us.

Selling with Kahle: Is the Solution Them, Or Is It Me?

IN THIS RAPIDLY changing economy, everyone is looking for a simple fix for dealing with the uncertainty of our economic environment. It seems like few are happy with their situations. And all but a few point their fingers at the changing economy and vibrant competitive environment as the source of their dismay.

Sell OSB by Application or as an Integrated System

ORIENTED STRAND board is versatile and can be utilized for all manner of functions in the inner workings of a building. But all OSB is not created equal. Some products available in the marketplace are engineered for their value-added qualities and dual functionality, which can make them more efficient and better suited for their jobs.

Olsen on Sales: Connecting with Customers

IN MOST CASES, all else being equal, and even when they aren’t equal, customers will buy from the salesperson they get along with best.

Olsen on Sales: Fear Doesn’t Sell

“scared money doesn’t win” is an old gambling saying that means you have to play to win and you can’t win big unless you bet …

New Hardwood Plywood Sets Sights on WRC Siding Market

OVER THE LAST 20 years, a tight supply of western red cedar has created a robust market among high-end homes and resorts for plywood siding faced and backed with the similarly rustic-toned African hardwood okoume.

Olsen on Sales: “Yes” or “No” vs. “I’ll let you know”

The number one fear of most salespeople is of being too pushy. This leads many salespeople to bend over backwards reducing their “sales calls” (if I could find bigger quotation marks, I’d use them) to a presentation of product while waiting for their potential customers to grant them something, whether it be an answer to a question, a returned phone call or maybe just maybe an order.

North American CLT vs. Imported Product

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is lightweight, yet extremely strong with superior acoustic, fire, seismic and thermal performance.

Siding Buyers Boldly Go Where Others Haven’t Gone Before

With today’s virtually maintenance-free exterior siding products lasting several decades and not requiring painting, choosing the best color for one’s home is an important decision—and likely why neutrals such as white and gray continue to lead in popularity. But will this trend remain?

5 Ways Technology Can Benefit Wood Treaters—and Their Customers

Technology has made complex operations “easy” for decades. Software solutions afford us the luxury of digitized communications in nanoseconds, the storage of massive amounts of data available at one’s fingertips, and even a trusted way to manage our daily financial transactions and life savings.

Testing 1-2-3: A historical overview of the APA Research Center

PA – The Engineered Wood Association’s Research Center in Tacoma, Wa., has long been recognized as one of the leading wood research facilities in North America.