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How Millennials View the Lumber Industry

U.S. WOOD PRODUCTS industry members constantly strive to determine how to best promote and position their industry and products. Studies show that many in the …

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Substrate Matters: The Versatility of Western Red Cedar

From a consumer’s perspective, choosing finishing materials and appearance products like siding has always been about weighing the pros and cons of one material over …

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Uncertainty Runs High in Volatile OSB Market

After reaching historic highs in June, the price of OSB began to drop through the summer, at one point plunging several hundred dollars in a …

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The Evolution of Gypsum Wallboard

Gypsum boards. One of our greatest building products and the perfect solution for interior and exterior use in various iterations. But what do you know …

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What Dealers Should Know About Selling Open-Joint Cladding Systems

Open-Joint cladding systems are growing in popularity—but they require a slightly different approach to the walls behind them. Open-joint cladding looks exactly as it sounds—siding …

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