DSI Rebrands Product Lines

To increase its profile in the market, Digger Specialties Inc., Bremen, In., is remaking its branding structure.

Homeowners Prefer Eco-Friendly Materials, Practices

From reducing air pollution to using renewable energy as a power source, U.S. homeowners have an overwhelming desire for more information, more choices.

Dealer Profile: South Dakota’s Buffalo Hardware

You can take the kid out of Buffalo, but you can’t take Buffalo out of the kid.

LSI Rebrands as Arxada

Specialty chemicals company LSI has rebranded as Arxada, effective Oct. 21.

Mill Creek Joining with OKC’s Fox

Mill Creek Lumber & Supply Co. agreed to purchase three-unit, 50-year-old Fox Building Supply, Oklahoma City, Ok.

Olsen on Sales: Emotional Control

Sales is a transfer of emotion. If we are nervous, our customer will be nervous. If we are aggressive, which means we don’t really care, we are just there for the order, our customers will be defensive.

Your Lumber Grading Glossary

If you’ve spent any time around lumber, and we know you have, you’ve probably picked up a bit of the lingo.

Upgrades Continue at Gilchrist Mill

Neiman Enterprises continues to update the recently acquired the Gilchrist Forest Products mill in Gilchrist, Or., to bring it up to world-class standards.

Steel Pergola Kits

Fortress Building Products’ new steel pergolas combine steel’s unmatched weatherability and low maintenance qualities with its modern aesthetic to bring lasting style to the backyard equation.

How Millennials View the Lumber Industry

The industry is facing the dilemma of how best to market to and recruit a generation that is uniquely different.