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UFP Business School Graduates First Class

A new website for UFP Business School features students from the school’s first class who will be graduating in August 2018 and taking jobs with Universal Forest Products operations across North America.

Visitors to will read about these students, the school they attend, the professionals who teach the courses and the opportunity that exists for graduates. “Being a part of the UFP team is incredible,” said Calvin C., a student featured on the site. “This is a great opportunity to get a head start in your career without a cost to you.” Calvin has accepted a job with Universal’s operation in Chandler, Az.

“Everyone at UFP is so welcoming and determined to help you succeed,” says Jake W., who will join Universal’s operation in Saginaw, Tx. “I wouldn’t want to build a career anywhere else.”
UFP Business School is a two-year program created and operated by Universal Forest Products, Inc., a $4 billion manufacturer of building and industrial products with operations around the world. The curriculum is modeled after a four-year business degree program. Courses are taught by Universal professionals (for example, the CEO teaches entrepreneurship; the executive vice president of marketing teaches marketing; etc.).

School is year-round. Students are in class 10 hours a week and in a paid internship 20 hours a week. For one term each year, they work at one of the Company’s North American operations.  Those who graduate get first pick of available jobs.

Best of all, there is no cost to the students; all attend on a full scholarship underwritten by the Company. While students don’t have to commit to staying at Universal upon graduation, if the first class is any indication, they will.

“We were challenged to find qualified people who were ready and able to get to work. At the same time, our CEO, Matt Missad, was considering viable options to costly, post-high school education opportunities,” said Lynn Afendoulis, director of corporate communication.

“UFP Business School isn’t the easy option – it is rigorous and we demand much of the students,” she added, “but we open the door to a lot of opportunity for those who succeed. It’s exciting to see our first-ever students get jobs at our operations.”

Students attend courses at Universal’s Grand Rapids, Mi., campus and online.

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