Specialty Yard Builds Its Business on Redwood

REDWOOD HAS BEEN a favorite material for generations of builders. One lumber dealer, in fact, has so much affinity for the wood, it has based its business on it.
The Redwood Store of Farmington, N.M., was founded in 1988 by Dave Hough and is now co-owned with his wife Cheryl and managed by their son Daniel.
It is part full-service retail lumberyard and part in-house specialty manufacturer, producing its own fence panels, deck boards, outdoor structures, furniture and other items. “We have a ‘standard line’ of furniture, arbors, trellis and decks, but we do custom sizes frequently,” said Daniel. “Quite often customers bring in a pictures of items, and we accommodate them as best we can.”
He adds, “Variations in sizes of our arbors are a common request. Large beam pre-cut and pre-stained custom arbors are very popular with local and regional professional landscapers.”
Although the company also handles Douglas fir and cedar, its “primary and preferred species of wood” is redwood.
“Redwood is a great material to build with,” Daniel notes. “The rich, warm color works well in just about any project and its ability to remain comfortable to the touch is important to a lot of people as they consider building materials for high-touch areas.”
The Redwood Store’s customer mix is 60% homeowner, 40% pro. Selling them on the advantages of redwood is helped by having a highly experienced staff, including one employee who has been with the company for 30 years and another for 26.
“First and foremost (experience) creates customers who know they are getting knowledgeable, experienced and efficient service,” Daniel explains. “Experienced employees are able to not only do their daily jobs more efficiently, but also take care of customers, projects and yard service quickly and effectively. This, in my opinion, is why we have such a loyal customers.”
How does the firm retain its workers? “I would like to think a good working environment and consistent work,” he says. “We always have and always will pay a comfortable living wage, so our employees can enjoy life.”
What’s next for The Redwood Store? “To keep doing what we are doing, do it better when possible, and slowly branch into things that accompany what we do,” Daniel says. The concentration on redwood, however, is here to stay.

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