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LMC Dealers Go to Wharton

Lumber dealers from across the country participated in LMC’s annual Executive Education Program at the Wharton School of Business.

The room was abuzz with inspiration and ideas as over 40 dealers from 22 states came together for their final day at the LMC Executive Education Program. The program was held Jan. 14-19 in Philadelphia, Pa., at the renowned Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

“The partnership with Wharton and the ability to offer this kind of program, not seen elsewhere in the industry, is part of the reason LMC dealers stand out,” said LMC president John Somerville. “Since its inception in 2015, there has been high demand to be in attendance for this unique executive education experience.”

“All the professors, everybody was wonderful,” said Mike Heim, inside sales manager of Tague Lumber, Media, Pa. “[The program] gave us an opportunity to step outside our companies and hear other people’s points of view. You absolutely need to do it.”

The exclusive event has been described as a “first class experience,” a rare opportunity to learn and grow under the guidance of Wharton professors—renowned in the field of business. For participants in this years’ program, a new case study was offered around the topic of driving growth.

This year, an entirely new curriculum was offered at the program, which led to two previous attendees coming back to learn more. Cory Jameson, CEO of Guy C. Lee, Smithfield, N.C., was one of the attendees who came back to attend the Wharton program offered by LMC for a second time.

“It’s a whole other experience being here for a second time,” Jameson said. “It reinforces what you learned the first time and it really makes you appreciate the people that are in this room.”


David Koenig

David Koenig is the managing editor of Building Products Digest and The Merchant Magazine.

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