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LBM Dealers Remake Exteriors into Siding Displays

It took one day for contractors to replace deteriorated fiber cement facade at Matthews & Fields Lumber Supply, Henrietta, N.Y., with NovikShake rough sawn 8-ft. shake and NovikStone dry stack stone, donated by the vendor.

As an incentive and loyalty builder for new stocking dealers, Novik has launched a Dealer Beauti-fication Program that revitalizes dealers’ facilities and storefronts, while creating a living testament to the natural beauty and versatility of its low-maintenance shake and stone products.

The most recent was the first step into entering the siding category for Glassboro Lumber, Glassboro, N.J.

“The new look is creating a lot of buzz—it’s a high traffic area and everyone is talking about how great it looks and wants to know more about the product,” said co-owner Jerad Villecco. “We haven’t been in the vinyl siding category before, but this is more of a premium, one-of-a-kind product line that offers the luxury of traditional materials, with very easy installation.”

A few months prior, Matthews & Fields Lumber Supply, Rochester, N.Y., transformed the exterior of its the Henrietta, N.Y., showroom of the family business since 1896.

“Our facility was in need of a facelift and Novik has the beautiful products that transformed our exterior,” said co-owner Doug Fields. “Now we can actually show our customers exactly how the products will look installed—right on our own building!”

To participate, Novik stocking dealers simply order 20 squares of shake or stone (a square is a 10×10-ft. section) and the shake/stone products can be mixed and matched. For the initial 20 square order, Novik will donate up to 10 squares of material to update the retailer’s building.

Since launching last spring, the program has allowed 15 dealers so far to renovate their facilities, including Allied, Atlantic, CYR Lumber, East Islip Lumber, Lyon & Billard, Mid-Cape Lumber, Moynihan Lumber, O.D. Greene, Sider Lumber, and United Building Supply in the North-east, Tart Lumber in Virginia, and Carter Lumber’s branch in Akron, Oh., which invited customers to view the makeover in action during a BBQ event.

The program will continue this year and expand into Canada.

“Many of these buildings have been in families for 75 or even 100 years and could use some exterior upgrades,” said Ralph Bruno, president of Novik Sales Corp. “This is a great way to show off the natural, rich looks of NovikShake and NovikStone, while revitalizing the dealer’s facility and giving them a realistic, life-size display.”

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