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High-Impact Upgrades with Southern Cypress

When it comes to interior home designs, trends are constantly changing. But if there’s one thing that never seems to go out of style, it’s natural wood.

When it comes to interior home designs, trends are constantly changing. But if there’s one thing that never seems to go out of style, it’s natural wood. Lumber dealers, especially those who deal in cypress, are backing up that claim as they are experiencing a welcomed trend: increased demand. And for good reasons, too.
“Wood has been an essential building material for centuries; it’s stood the test of time,” says Mark Tuck of Gates Milling, Gatesville, N.C. “And even as design trends change over the years, cypress is proving to be a complementary fit in any architectural style and in creative ways—indoors and out. With cypress, the possibilities really are endless.”
Here are a few trendy ways cypress is making an impact in new and remodeled homes.

Accent Walls
For those looking to add personal style and aesthetic warmth to rooms in their homes, accent walls are a popular addition. They’re stylish, customizable and affordable.
“Cypress is widely available in a variety of visual grades, making it perfect for interior applications,” says Brian Meier, Cypress Rose Sawmill, Homerville, Ga. “For accent walls, pecky cypress in a shiplap pattern is very popular because of the unique look it provides with its intriguing pockets and holes. Plus, cypress can be painted, stained, or whitewashed to complement any interior design scheme, but the wood’s real beauty shines when it’s left unfinished.”
Tuck adds, “Demand for cypress in tongue-and-groove v-joint patterns has remained steady, but we have seen a significant progression toward both tongue-and-groove and shiplap patterns with a nickel gap. In our area, homeowners are typically looking for full-room paneling, but there’s been a rise in accent wall and wainscoting applications.

Statement Ceilings
Another trendy home upgrade involves ceiling treatments. And while crown moulding can add some character to a space, today’s homeowners are taking it a step further and installing statement ceilings.
“From great rooms to bedrooms and kitchens to dining rooms, adding wood elements to a ceiling can have a dramatic effect on a room,” Meier says. “With its rich grain pattern and natural honey-like tones, cypress is a natural choice for ceiling treatments. A simple plank ceiling can provide a clean, finished look to a room, but we’re seeing cypress beams being used as accents to enhance both vaulted and flat applications as well.”

Siding with Cypress
As homeowners look to remodel or build new, wood siding is seeing a revival in the marketplace. And cypress is one of the most popular products, thanks to its good looks and natural ability to withstand nature. According to the Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association, cypress trees produce a resin in their heartwood while they’re growing. This resin acts as a natural preservative, making cypress products naturally resistant to decay and insect infestation, without the need for pressure treating.
“Cypress offers proven outdoor performance,” says Sheppard Haggerty, Williams Lumber Co. of North Carolina, Rocky Mount, N.C. “Over the last several months, we have seen a continued interest in cypress siding. Standard beveled and rabbeted beveled patterns have been the most popular. But the interesting thing is we are seeing it used in more new construction compared to previous years.”

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