Fortress Building Products: The Total Solution for Outdurable Living

Gone are the days of simple, boxy deck designs and basic landscapes. Today’s homeowners and builders are creating bold, beautiful open-air spaces that defend against the ordinary. No more run-of-the-mill products.

Gone are the days of simple, boxy deck designs and basic landscapes. Today’s homeowners and builders are creating bold, beautiful open-air spaces that defend against the ordinary. No more run-of-the-mill products. They’re looking to stand out with uncommonly good goods that look and act like an extension of the home, not an afterthought.

Enter Fortress Building Products. To meet the needs of a changing industry, Fortress engineered a complete collection of best-in-class products that is summarized by one term: Outdurable Living™. Comprised of decking, fencing, railing, framing, lighting and fastener product solutions, this family of built-to-last solutions is easy to install and a breeze to maintain. The products work together in harmony, or can stand alone, to create refined, reliable outdoor living spaces.

Take a closer look at Outdurable Living, the Total Solution for the backyard and beyond. It provides a depth of inventory, but not an overcomplicated yard.

Fortress decking – Build without limits.

Fortress Infinity I-Series composite decking solution is built to last, delivering 2x the strength of traditional materials despite being 40% lighter than its competitors. Built with sustainability and backed by durability, each unique board is a fusion of bamboo and recycled plastics. What’s more, the I-Series offers increased slip resistance, improved heat dissipation through its historically engineered profile and higher moisture resistance through its unmatched density.

Fortress Apex PVC decking utilizes a proprietary tri-extrusion process that delivers the beautiful look of tropical hardwoods. Made from a blend of lightweight bamboo and a cellular PVC core, the boards’ cutting-edge design allows them to expand and contract about 25% less than other decking, providing a more consistent, uniform appearance. Resilient against the elements, each board is encapsulated in an acrylic polymer for ultimate protection, UV performance and best-in-class slip resistance.

Fortress fencing – No limits. Know boundaries.

Fortress offers a complete collection of versatile fencing products for every application. Whether poolside or mountain top, Fortress delivers a solution to address traditional fencing issues such as rot or corrosion. To combat these areas of concern, Fortress has crafted a range of aluminum, steel and composite fencing lines that are aesthetically pleasing, light on maintenance and provide enhanced durability. Fortress® fencing also ensures that coverage needs are met, whether that be protecting assets on high-security properties or simply adding privacy measures around a residential home.

Fortress railing – Rethink the rail.

Fortress railing solutions offer an unparalleled level of customization for any look, with steel, aluminum, cable, glass and multiple infill options. Offering builders the convenience of pre-welded panels and pre-attached bracket systems, railing lines such as Fortress’ newly introduced Al¹³ HOME Aluminum Railing provide consistent quality while significantly reducing installation time.

Fortress framing – Rot? We think not.

A safe and complete system, Fortress Evolution light-gauge steel deck framing is uniform and straight, so pieces are simple to square and won’t twist, warp, rot, crack or burn like wood. The interlocking joist and ledger system is extremely easy to install and ensures a long-lasting foundation for fewer callbacks.

For added peace of mind, the steel utilized in Evolution framing is commercial grade, so builders can depend on its strength. Evolution steel deck framing is compatible with any type of deck board, including composite, PVC, aluminum and pressure-treated lumber. The industry’s first stair-step framing, building professionals are able to use Evolution from the ground up.

Fortress lighting – Excellence is in the details.

Compatible with an array of decking and railing materials, FortressAccents is a complete line of post caps, post base covers and energy efficient LED lighting accessories. FortressAccents’ die-cast aluminum housing and premium powder coat translate into optimal performance and durability with virtually zero maintenance. This innovative product line boasts a built-in thermal management system and also includes a power supply option with integrated timer, dimmer and photocell.

When designing for the outdoors, builders and homeowners are looking for the perfect blend of products to make their open-air spaces come to life. The Fortress Total Solution makes it easy for professionals to build for any application, while never sacrificing on design.


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