Double-Sided Housewrap Tape

Benjamin Obdyke has introduced HydroTape DS, an acrylic-based double-sided sealing tape for use with mechanically fastened housewrap that helps eliminate many of the issues and failure points of conventional seam tapes.

The 3/4” tape installs between the housewrap layers, adhering to the undersides of each layer where they overlap to help prevent blow-off during installation without interrupting moisture drainage or capturing bulk water. The tape’s acrylic adhesive is vapor permeable, ensuring any trapped moisture dries to the exterior. The adhesive also seals around fasteners to reduce air infiltration at penetration points.

Offered in 82-ft. rolls, HydroTape DS is split wound and has a release liner to ease application; the installer simply unwinds the tape onto the bottom housewrap layer, removes the release liner, overlaps the top housewrap layer, and applies pressure to create a strong seal.


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Blue Ridge Expands Deeper into Pennsylvania Blue Ridge Lumber

Blairstown, N.J., now operates nine locations with its purchase of 97-year-old Gumble Bros. Home Centers, Tafton, Pa.

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Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Group is launching an innovative insurance product tailored to the unique needs of hardware stores.

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Ready to Rail

In direct response to a growing call for a stylish railing system that ensures ease of installation, Deckorators has introduced Aluminum Rapid Rail, featuring a contemporary design with square balusters and simple installation.

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