Cypress Popping Up in New Areas

Cypress is being used for a variety of applications from ceilings to trim and custom furniture. Companies like Florida Cypress Wood Products, Jacksonville, Fl., are taking note of this growing trend showcasing their product as a viable interior design element.

Cypress is continuing to make a name for itself in the interior design world, and increased demand for the sustainable wood product isn’t just in the South—it’s coming from across the country and quite rapidly. 

Chuck Harris, Custom Lumber Manufacturing Co., Dothan, Al. noted, “People are calling for cypress product and availability information because it’s competitively priced and becoming an alternative option in areas of the country that have traditionally been cedar territory. I’ve been fielding more and more inquiries from up north and the West Coast.”

Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association (SCMA) also stated that recently they’ve been receiving emails from architects in California who are trying to source cypress timber.

Inside homes, cypress is being used for a variety of applications from ceilings, trim, and custom cabinetry. According to SCMA, consumers really like the variety in the aesthetic grades, from clear select grade to the knotty character of #2 grade. People have been specifically interested in pecky cypress lately, and that seems to be a growing trend as it has naturally occurring pockets and holes and create a desired visual effect. 

Because a number of wood-based interior selections are in style this year, pecky cypress is becoming more desired as it offers intense imagery and color, with a rich grain and texture that makes stunning furniture. 

Geoff Philippus of Northshore Millwork, Mandeville, La., noted, “Often we introduce people to pecky cypress with its naturally occurring pockets and holes. It’s something they’ve never seen before.” Philippus also noted that due to its natural resistance to water, cypress is a great interior wood to use in wet zones, such as kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and even outdoor cooking areas. 

The recent International Builders Show in Orlando and NextGen Home Experience presented the Next Gen “tiny” Home—a project that is meant to bring light to the growing trend of tiny compact homes, as well as the latest in energy efficient standards. Throughout the small structure, various contemporary design trends were displayed, one being cypress wood panels. 

Florida-based hardwood company Goodwin Co., also showed off some of its latest in contemporary home ideas through cabinetry, flooring, paneling and ceiling products. The company proved just how many ways its River-Recovered Heart Pine and Heart Cypress can be used to complement the numerous products showcased. 
Something that was reinforced at IBS was that sustainable design is becoming more and more important to builders and homeowners. As cypress continues to prove that it’s highly energy efficient, its interior facade is becoming more desirable as well.

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