Charred Wood Cladding Offered

(June 30, 2017)  ReSawn Timber Co., Telford, Pa., is partnering with Kebony to offer five different building products made from thermally modified wood.

ReSawn offers two charred Kebony products that are burned using a process inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition of shou sugi ban. Additionally, they’ve created three textured designs that showcase Kebony’s natural beauty and grain structure. The Kebony cladding products are ideal for exterior applications because of their weathered, silver-gray look. ReSawn’s products are available across the U.S. and abroad.
“ReSawn has a fabulous reputation in the textured wood finishes industry,” Hehl said. “The company’s knowledge of interior design and architecture will be invaluable to us as we continue to broaden our reach across the North American market.”
Shou sugi ban is a Japanese term which literally translates to “burned cedar board.” Historically, Japanese carpenters sourced driftwood from the coastlines of Japan, both for its impressive durability and distressed appearance, after being subjected to salt water and harsh weather conditions. Over time, it became increasingly difficult to source this driftwood due to high demand for such a hard-wearing product. As a result, carpenters chose to create the desired effect by burning or weathering timber to give the original wood a charred and fragile finish.
All Kebony wood products are permanently modified with a bio-based liquid that, after it is cured, provides a combination of outstanding durability and dimensional stability. The patented process results in wood cell walls that are significantly thicker and provide a hardness that rivals the best tropical hardwoods. ReSawn’s charred and textured Kebony wood decking and cladding products provide the same strength and stability, and therefore, also carry Kebony’s standard 30-year warranty.

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