Weyerhaeuser Upgrades PSL

New coating improves the performance and appearance of Parallam parallel strand lumber.

(Jan. 24, 2017)  Weyerhaeuser has upgraded its Trus Joist Eastern Parallam PSL beams and columns with a new unique exterior coating.  The patent-pending proprietary surface modification technology reduces the rate of moisture absorption during yarding and construction, and delays the effects of UV penetration.

“The new coating is uniformly sprayed on to both the narrow edge and wide face of Eastern Parallam PSL at our manufacturing facility and chemically modifies the outside wood surface of the beam or column,” said Barry Viviano, engineered lumber products regional manager in New England. “The protective surface covering resists thickness swell from exposure to both moisture and UV conditions during construction.”
Manufactured in Buckhannon, W.V., Eastern Parallam PSL is available east of the Mississippi River, and is intended for interior use applications, such as open concept floor plans and great rooms.

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